This part of Weiss Law Office, S.C.’s practice provides representation to carriers seeking to recover indemnity payments made because of the fault of others. Weiss Law Office, S.C. represents carriers in, among others, the following areas:
  • Workers compensation carriers (with or without injured worker)
  • Healthcare recovery (ERISA and non-ERISA)
  • Recovery under disability policies
  • Insured losses (litigation and arbitration)
  • High-volume uninsured losses
Insured Losses (litigation and arbitration)
  • Motorized vehicle losses
  • Medical payment subrogation
  • Construction defects
  • Product liability (design and manufacturing defects)
  • Fire losses
Insured Losses (litigation and arbitration)
  • Motor vehicle losses
  • Property damage
Through our efforts, insurance carriers and the self-insured have recouped millions of dollars for their clients. Weiss Law Office, S.C.’s subrogation team has effected changes in Wisconsin law, such as giving a workers compensation carrier the ability to accept a third-party settlement over the objections of the employee as well as clarifying a carrier’s duty to preserve evidence before seeking subrogation against others. Weiss Law Office, S.C. is committed to its subrogation efforts to help its clients stay competitive and keep their premium rates low.

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