Attorney Weiss Forms the Insurance Law Committee

As part of the Wisconsin Defense Counsel, Attorney Weiss formed and is the chairperson of the Insurance Law Committee. The mission of the Insurance Law Committee (“ILC”) is to provide a forum for the exchange of information regarding insurance coverage issues and to...

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Weiss Law Office Prevails in a Castle Doctrine Lawsuit

In perhaps the first civil Castle Doctrine case in Wisconsin, Weiss Law Office, S.C. prevailed for its clients, the defendants in the case. At 2:00 a.m. on March 3, 2012, WLO’s client was confronted with an unknown intruder in his home. When he was confronted by the...

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Attorney Jahn Wins a Jury Verdict for Wisconsin Insurer

Attorney Hannah Jahn successfully tried a subrogation case before a Lafayette County, Wisconsin jury in September. Ms. Jahn’s client, a Wisconsin insurer, insured the owner of a rental house. The tenant negligently caused a kitchen fire while cooking. The damages were...

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Attorney Kramer Wins Appeal in a Partition Action

Attorney Charles Kramer of Weiss Law Office, S.C., was winning counsel of record in Kresovic v. Kresovic, Case No. 2015AP002159. Kresovic involved two family members who could not agree on how to use a jointly owned 47-acre parcel in Franklin, Wisconsin. Weiss Law...

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